Our chemical analysis team can identify mishandled sobriety tests to invalidate DUI charges.
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Drunk-Driving-Law.com attorneys work tirelessly to provide top flight legal representation to residents of Jeffersonville. Every member of our staff is committed to excellence in every case entrusted to us by our clients, a level of dedication that is reflected in our success rate in DUI and DWI defenses.

When you turn to Drunk-Driving-Law.com to clear your name after a DUI charge, we will always fight on your behalf to the fullest extent of the law. Everything we do as a law firm and company is with the goal of providing premium legal representation at affordable rates.

Our experienced legal team is constantly refreshing their base of knowledge with the latest case law to offer a broader variety of defense strategies and continue to see the vast majority of our cases end with a favorable outcome for our clients. Talk to one of our representatives today about moving forward after a DUI or DWI charge.

The Effects of DUI Conviction

Jeffersonville Indiana Residents: Get Back to Normal Faster with Experienced DUI Defense

Personalized Service

The Drunk-Driving-Law.com representation process begins when you contact us for a consultation about the details of your case and we develop a custom tailored-defense strategy.

Jeffersonville Indiana The Effects of DUI Conviction

Chemical Testing Evaluation

Tests such as breathalyzers and blood tests often become invalid as evidence due to police mishandling or errors in processing, and our team can identify these procedural irregularities.

Jeffersonville Indiana Residents: Avoid Jail Time Even With a Conviction.

Information Security

A DUI or DWI charge can make an enormous impact on your personal and professional life, and so the discretion of your case is always paramount.

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Jeffersonville Indiana We can help establish your innocence in a suspected DUI.

Comprehensive Representation

Our team of legal experts can represent you in your case from start to finish, including DMV hearings as well as court cases and other relevant legal venues.

Jeffersonville Indiana Let us work with you to build an effective defense for a DUI or DWI case.

Competitive Pricing

Our fees start at just $2,800 for standard representation sources to provide a ready resource for drivers in the area facing a potential DUI conviction.

Jeffersonville Indiana Stay on the streets of with experienced DUI Defense services.

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The highly capable team of specialists at Drunk-Driving-Law.com has engineered thousands of successful DUI defenses through our experience and expertise.

A DUI conviction could impact your earning potential. Let us help.

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Jeffersonville, city, seat (1802 - 10; 1873) of Clark county, southern Indiana, U.S. It lies along the Ohio River (there bridged) at the head of the Falls of the Ohio, opposite Louisville, Kentucky. Built on land occupied by old Fort Steuben, it was laid out in 1802 on a plan suggested by President Thomas Jefferson, for whom it was named. The city prospered in the 19th century as a steamboat (river packet) building centre, turning out many paddle wheelers, including the renownedNatchezandJ.M. White , but in 1937 it was inundated by river floodwaters. Located in an industrial and agricultural (grain, strawberries, tobacco) area, Jeffersonville is a barge terminal for river transportation and has shipyards. Fifty years after the last of the packet boats was built, the city produced the largest river steamboat made to that time, the 382-foot (116-metre)Mississippi Queen , commissioned in 1976 for luxury overnight cruises. Other manufactures include soap, kitchen cabinets, steel, and electronic components. Jeffersonville is the site of the Howard Steamboat Museum. Inc. town, 1815; city, 1830. Pop. (2000) 27, 362; (2010) 44, 953.Statue of Thomas Jefferson, Warder Park, Jeffersonville, Ind. C. Bedford Crenshaw

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Elements of a DUI Offense

Just about everyone's got a DUI story these days, and there seem to be as many contradictory rules around drunk driving as there are tales of woe. The fact is that many jurisdictions define driving under the influence differently. Even so, there are many common elements and overlapping definitions. Here's a broad overview of how DUI is defined and what authorities must generally prove to get a DUI conviction.

Definition of Drunk Driving
Most state laws define crimes of drunk driving as driving a motor vehicle on a road or highway while under the influence of alcohol. This can mean that you have driven poorly, even if your blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) is low. Newer statutes also provide for what is called a 'per se offense,' which a person commits when driving a motor vehicle on a road or highway with a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 percent. This means that even if you have driven perfectly, you can still be charged with driving under the influence.

The 'Driving' Element of DUI Laws
Several state statutes require a person to be driving a vehicle in order to be convicted of a drunk driving offense. Other states use the terms 'operating a vehicle' or 'being in actual physical control of the vehicle.' These terms are not normally synonymous, so it is important to determine how an individual state defines the term in its laws.
A number of questions may arise that relate to the 'driving' element of a drunk driving offense. For instance, a person may be in a car without turning on the ignition. The question in some cases is whether the person was driving or operating a vehicle or whether the person was using the vehicle as a temporary shelter. Courts in various jurisdictions have identified several factors that may be used to determine whether someone has been driving a vehicle. These are generally:

The location of the vehicle (on or off roadway);
The location of the driver (where in the vehicle);
The location of the keys in the vehicle (in or out of the ignition); and
The operability of the vehicle (could the vehicle be driven).

The 'Under the Influence' Element of DUI Laws
Officers generally use three types of evidence to determine whether a driver was under the influence: field evidence, driver evidence, and blood-alcohol evidence. Field evidence is normally collected by police officers and may fall into one of five categories:
Testimony regarding the driver's unusual driving;
Testimony regarding the driver's conduct or physical appearance;
Testimony regarding the defendant's performance during a field sobriety test;
Tapes, film, and/or photographs taken at the scene where the defendant was driving and/or arrested; and
Incriminating statements made by the driver.

Police officers will often look at the driver's physical appearance and symptoms of drunk driving in order to determine if there is evidence that the driver is intoxicated. The following are some of the more common symptoms of intoxication:
The defendant's clothes are disheveled;
The defendant has not shaved or combed his or her hair;
The defendant's eyes appear to be red, glassy, or bloodshot;
The defendant's face appears to be flushed;
The defendant's breath smells like alcohol; or
The defendant's speech is thick and slurred.

Finally, the defendant's BAC level can be determined through one of three methods. The most common of these methods involves an analysis of the defendant's breath. Other tests analyze the blood or urine of the defendant. Refinements in the methods by which a defendant's BAC is determined have strengthened the ability of prosecutors to prove this BAC. However, these tests are not above reproach, and skilled defense attorneys may be able to successfully attack the methods by which the defendant's BAC was analyzed. While a driver can refuse certain BAC tests, there can be serious penalties for refusal.

Have an Attorney Review Your DUI Case for Free
The details of driving under the influence elements can be difficult to figure out. If you have been arrested or charged with DUI, you likely will benefit from the assistance of an experienced attorney. Although lawyers are not cheap (they provide a valuable service, after all), you can have your DUI case reviewed today at no cost to you.

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