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Drunk-Driving-Law.com attorneys work tirelessly to provide top flight legal representation to residents of Shelbyville. Every member of our staff is committed to excellence in every case entrusted to us by our clients, a level of dedication that is reflected in our success rate in DUI and DWI defenses.

When you turn to Drunk-Driving-Law.com to clear your name after a DUI charge, we will always fight on your behalf to the fullest extent of the law. Everything we do as a law firm and company is with the goal of providing premium legal representation at affordable rates.

Our experienced legal team is constantly refreshing their base of knowledge with the latest case law to offer a broader variety of defense strategies and continue to see the vast majority of our cases end with a favorable outcome for our clients. Talk to one of our representatives today about moving forward after a DUI or DWI charge.

The most successful DUI defense team.

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The Drunk-Driving-Law.com representation process begins when you contact us for a consultation about the details of your case and we develop a custom tailored-defense strategy.

Shelbyville Indiana Residents: We Can Have Your DUI Charges Dropped

Chemical Testing Evaluation

Tests such as breathalyzers and blood tests often become invalid as evidence due to police mishandling or errors in processing, and our team can identify these procedural irregularities.

Shelbyville Indiana Residents: Can You Afford a DUI Conviction?

Information Security

A DUI or DWI charge can make an enormous impact on your personal and professional life, and so the discretion of your case is always paramount.

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Shelbyville Indiana Residents: Do You Have The Representation You Need In Your DUI Case?

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Our team of legal experts can represent you in your case from start to finish, including DMV hearings as well as court cases and other relevant legal venues.

Shelbyville Indiana Let us work with you to build an effective defense for a DUI or DWI case.

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Our fees start at just $2,800 for standard representation sources to provide a ready resource for drivers in the area facing a potential DUI conviction.

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The highly capable team of specialists at Drunk-Driving-Law.com has engineered thousands of successful DUI defenses through our experience and expertise.

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Information for Shelbyville, Indiana

Shelbyville, city, seat (1822) of Shelby county, central Indiana, U.S. It lies along the forks of the Big Blue and Little Blue rivers, 23 miles (37 km) southeast of Indianapolis. Laid out in 1822 as the county seat, it was named for Isaac Shelby, American Revolutionary War hero and the first governor of Kentucky. The state's first railroad, completed in 1834 in Shelbyville, was a horse-drawnconveyanceon wooden tracks put into operation by Judge William J. Peasley. The city is an agricultural trade centre in the heart of the state's corn (maize) belt and has some light manufactures, notably plastics, insulation, automobile parts, and metal products. Thomas A. Hendricks, vice president under Grover Cleveland and an Indiana and U.S. legislator, grew up in Shelbyville; a cabin reconstructed (1962) from the logs of his childhood home is on the outskirts of the city. Inc. 1850. Pop. (2000) 17, 951; (2010) 19, 191.

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Q: What is 'blood alcohol level'?

A: Blood alcohol level (BAC) is a term used to describe the level of alcohol in the bloodstream of a person arrested for drunk driving. It is used in court as evidence of that offense. The most common method of determining BAC is through a breath test, although blood and urine testing is done in some instances. If the level is found to be at or over .10, or .08 in some states, the test results can establish a presumption of impairment.

Q: What if I lose my license but continue to drive?

A: If a person whose license has been revoked or suspended due to drunk driving chooses to drive without a valid license and is pulled over, he or she stands to suffer more serious consequences, including fines and imprisonment. The more prudent course of action is to rely on friends and family for rides or use public transportation.

Q: What is the punishment for drunk driving?

A: Drunk driving carries serious penalties. Although the court may go easier on first-time offenders, even in first-offense cases the possible sentences include stiff fines and jail time. If the circumstances warrant it, however, the court may choose less restrictive options, including probation, community service, or alcohol awareness or abuse counseling.. For subsequent offenses, the likelihood of imprisonment increases, and in all cases, the loss of driving privileges-at least temporarily-is almost guaranteed.

Q: How can I get to work if I can't drive?

A: Many drunken driving offenders are forced to rely on public transportation or rides from friends and family for transportation to and from work during periods of license suspension or revocation. In some cases, offenders may be granted a 'hardship license,' allowing them to drive just to and from work. However, if an offender is caught driving outside of those strict limitations, further penalties will be imposed.

Q: What is the best way to beat a drunk driving charge?

A: The best way to avoid being convicted of drunk driving is to not drink and drive. Use a designated driver, call a taxi, call a friend, or don't drink alcohol if you are going to need to drive within a few hours. For some people, even one drink can impair their driving abilities. Remember, after having a few drinks is not the time to decide whether you are capable of driving. However, if you have been charged with driving under the influence, an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer can work to improve the outcome of your case.
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Video: Thousands of Residents have trusted their freedom to us in DUI cases.



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The Real Value of Expert DUI Defense. We Specialize in DUI law.


Comprehensive DUI defense services starting at a single affordable rate. DUI Defense Services for Hardworking Residents.


DUI Convictions Face Jail Time. Let Us Help. Protect your career and community standing with DUI Defense.


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